Sugar Mama Cookies - Customized Cookies for any Occasion
Product Information and Price List:

Sugar Cookies~The large size is between 4-5 inches depending on design.  Regular are 3 inches average and minis are 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Each can be personalized or monogrammed (minis can only be monogrammed).  Large size can be individually wrapped or come on a tray/in a gift box.  The regular size can be wrapped individually in packs of one or two or can come on a tray/in a gift box.  The mini size can come wrapped in packs of 4 or on a tray/in a gift box.

Large~  $4.00 each (12 minimum), $3.75 each (24+), $3.50 each (48+)
Regular~ $2.00 each (24 minimum)
Minis~  $1.00 each (48 minimum)

Dessert Trays~ Dessert trays can include any of the following: decorated sugar cookies, plain sugar cookies, mini cakes, brownies, chocolate dipped pretzels, and marshmallow pops.

Small~     $30.00 and up (depending on what you would like included)
Medium~ $45.00 and up
Large~     $60.00 and up

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